Quality Improvement Projects

GRPCC Model of Care

GRPCC Model of Care is designed to help community palliative care services meet the challenge of increasing demand and to support capacity building through a model that may be adopted by services region-wide and is based on the national standards.

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Tools to Assist After-Hours Telephone Triage of Community Palliative Care Clients

In 2011-12, the Victorian Department of Health provided funding to improve after-hours support for palliative care clients.

A Gippsland Model for After-Hours Palliative Care, After-Hours Action Plan 2014-15 has been approved by the Consortium Management Group and a copy can be accessed by clicking here. In summary, the Action Plan outlines work by the Consortium in relation to key elements in the Framework to address identified needs in Gippsland. Actions to address key elements 1 and 3 are summarised below. Please see the Action Plan for a full overview.

Key Element 1 – Best Practice Care Planning
Best practice care planning will enable after-hours care needs to be planned for as much as possible during business hours. Documents which will form part of the Model include:

The Client Summary Palliative Care guideline and Palliative Care Referral Triage Tool can be found on the resource page of this website or by clicking here

Key Element 3 – After-Hours telephone triage
The recommendation is to utilize existing hospital after-hours coordinators and/or on call district nurses to provide telephone triage to local community palliative care clients. Each service needs to identify their preferred model for after-hours triage coverage and provide relevant training and resources .

The purpose of ‘Tools to Assist After-Hours Telephone Triage of Community Palliative Care Clients’ guideline is to guide nurses in their management of calls from registered community palliative care clients and carers after-hours, and in doing so, to enhance the quality and consistency of after-hours care.

Tools to Assist After-Hours Telephone Triage of Community Palliative Care Clients.

These tools are to be used in conjunction with comprehensive evidence based guidelines such as

Quality Improvement Projects

In 2015-16, the GRPCC funded quality improvement projects across member services.  In 2016-17 the quality improvement projects were finalised by the services and reports were submitted to the GRPCC, resulting in de-identified project plans for other services to access.

Achieved Projects

The GRPCC is responsible for developing and delivering a number of key projects across the Gippsland region that are outlined in the Victorian Government’s current policy, Strengthening palliative care: Policy and strategic directions 2011-2015.

These projects include the following:

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