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Client and Carer Resources

Carer Symptom Management sheets

The CPG has developed a suite of carer’s symptom management sheets to inform clients / carer’s about what to do when existing symptoms worsen or as initial steps for a new symptom. These can be utilized by palliative care services to support carers to manage distressing symptoms.

Carers Safety & Information Kit for Palliative Care

The Carers Safety & Information Kit for Palliative Care provides carers with information to safely care for someone with palliative care needs, along with additional information about equipment and resources.

Improving Carer’s Quality of Life

Improving Carer’s Quality of Life is a practical resource for health professionals working in palliative care services to fully understand the impact of the caring role. It explains the complexities of practical issues impacting on carers at home. It has been developed by experts and tested by experienced palliative care clinicians through the Southern Metro Palliative Care Consortium.

Click here to be directed to the South Metro Region Palliative Care Consortium website to view the Improving Carer’s Quality of Life.


‘Dementia’ is a guide, for families and friends of people with severe and end stage dementia, will inform carers about what will happen to a person living with the final stages of dementia. It will encourage carers to consider in advance some of the issues that might require decisions about the care of the person with dementia.

Click here to view the Dementia booklet.

Click here to be directed to the Dementia Gippsland website.