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About Us

The Gippsland Region Palliative Care Consortium (GRPCC) is an alliance of 14 member agencies that provide inpatient and/or community palliative care for the residents of Gippsland. The GRPCC is one of eight regional consortia established as part of the Victorian Government’s palliative care policy released in 2004. The Consortium’s role is to help deliver and facilitate the Victorian Government’s current policy, ‘end of life care and palliative care framework 2016’, across the Gippsland region.
The GRPCC’s vision is that Gippslanders with a life-threatening illness and their families and carers will have access to a high quality service system which is innovative and provides evidence-based, coordinated care and support that is responsive to their individual needs.

The GRPCC provides leadership to its member agencies by:

  • undertaking regional planning;
  • coordinating palliative care service provision;
  • advising the Department of Health about regional priorities for future service development and funding; and
  • managing the service delivery framework and undertaking communication, capacity building and clinical service improvement initiatives in conjunction with the Palliative Care Clinical Network.

About the GRPCC

This brochure provides a short summary of the GRPCC, its member services, role, vision, values, objectives, strategic direction and contact details. You can download the brochure by clicking here

Member Agencies

There are ten funded palliative care services in Gippsland that are members of the GRPCC with voting rights and four health and community services that are members in a non-voting capacity.
Voting GRPCC member agencies include:

  • Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS)
  • Bass Coast Community Health Service (BCCHS)
  • Bass Coast Regional Health Service (BCRH)
  • Central Gippsland Health Service (CGHS)
  • Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS)
  • Gippsland Lakes Community Health Service (GLCH)
  • Latrobe Community Health Service (LCHS)
  • Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH)
  • West Gippsland Healthcare Group (WGHG)
  • Yarram and District Health Service (YDHS)

Non-voting GRPCC member agencies include:

  • Gippsland Medicare Local (GML)
  • KooWeeRup Regional Health Service (KRHS)
  • Omeo District Health (ODH)
  • Orbost Regional Health Service (ORH)

Clinical Practice Group (CPG)

The Clinical Practice Group (CPG) is the GRPCC’s working group and was established to enhance the provision of quality palliative care through the development of common clinical policies and procedures for adoption by member services. The CPG comprises representatives from local palliative care services, GPs, palliative care medical, nursing and allied health specialist support.

To view the CPG endorsed guidelines and tools visit the Palliative Care Guidelines (CPG) page in this website.

Consortium Management Group (CMG)

The Consortium Management Group comprises representatives from each of the member agencies. The role of the CMG is to drive the implementation of the Victorian Government’s policy in the region. The CMG meets bi-monthly and is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the policy, as well as facilitating the integration of care for people with a life-threatening illness, as well as supporting carers and families across the service system. The Consortium Manager is part of the CMG in a non-voting capacity.

GRPCC Annual Report

The Annual Report is provided to the Victorian Department of Health, health services and other key stakeholders and details the work the GRPCC has undertaken during the financial year towards delivering the government’s, end of life care and palliative care framework. The report includes key achievements, and testimonials from organisations and individuals who have worked with the GRPCC during the year.

Palliative Care Clinical Network

On a state level, the Palliative Care Clinical Network (PCCN) provides clinical leadership in the implementation of policy directions and program initiatives in Victoria. The PCCN is currently being reformatted under the direction of Safer Care Victoria. It is anticipated that it will continue to oversee projects that further clinical service improvement and also convenes community-of-practice forums to provide an opportunity for workers to enhance their practice around key issues in palliative care. It addresses developing and evolving clinical needs and priorities in palliative care and assists palliative care consortia and services to implement the service capability framework and related clinical frameworks.

For further information about the PCCN click here. You will be taken to the Victoria’s Palliative Care Program website.


Consortium Chair
Cheryl Bush
Executive Manager, Clinical and Nursing Services
Gippsland Lakes Community Health

Consortium Manager
Anny Byrne
Ph: 03 5623 0684
M: 0429 231 367
E: anny.byrne@wghg.com.au

Administrative Assistant
Melissa Spargo
Ph: 03 5623 0684
E: Melissa.spargo@wghg.com.au

Palliative Aged Care Resource Nurse & Disability Support
Carol Barbeler
Ph: 03 5622 6482
M: 0417 100 286
E: carol.barbeler@wghg.com.au

Where to find us

Cottage 4
West Gippsland Hospital